BIHAR UNIVERSITY (Muzaffarpur)BOTANY Exam Important Questions

BIHAR UNIVERSITY (Muzaffarpur)BOTANY Exam Important Questions
BIHAR UNIVERSITY (Muzaffarpur) Exam

Important Questions
BIHAR UNIVERSITY (Muzaffarpur) Exam Important Questions

(DAY 10)
Graduation TDC Part 1 (2019-2022) Math/Physics/Chemistry/Botany

Exam Important Questions
Graduation TDC Part 1 (2019-2022) Bihar University

PG 1st semester (2019-21) – Physics/Math – Important questions

Are you searching for BSc 1st year and PG 1st semester important questions in Math/Physics/Chemistry/Zoology ?

Well, you are in the right place. In this post, we are go to share some of the most important questions of Math/Physics/Chemistry (SCIENCE) for TDC Part 1 and PG 1st semester students. (B.R.A BIHAR UNIVERSITY)

BOTANY (Hons.)

(Day 9)

TDC Part 1 (2019-22)

Botany (Hons.) Paper- 1

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(Answer any five questions, selecting at least two questions from each Group.)

Group A

1. Describe structure and reproduction Oedogonium or Polysiphonia.

2. Discuss thallus organization in Algae.

3. Describe different stages of prophase of Meiosis-l.

4. Describe the structure and reproduction in Volvox or Fucus.

5. Describe the structure of Cyanobacterial Cell.

6. Discuss the economic importance of algae.

7. Answer any two of the following:

(a) Algal-bloom

(b) Lichens generation (c) Isomorphic alternation of generation

(d) G1, S, G2 stages in Cell cycle

(E) Fresh water Red Algae.

Group B

1. Describe the structure & reproduction in Osmunda or Azolla.

2. Give an account of Rhynia or Psilotum. 3. Describe the structure of sporophyte of Sphagnum.

4. Describe the fructification or strobilus of Calamites.

5. Describe sporophyte of Anthoceros with well-lebelled diagram.

6. Describe the sporogonium of Polytrichum.

7. Write notes on any two of the following

1. Difference between bryophytes and algae. 2. Difference between bryophytes and pteridophytes

3. Stem of Equisetum

4. peristome teeth

5. Heterospory of Pteridophytes 6. Process of fossilization

7. Telome theory

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